02 Jan - P, deeper, denser

It was a damp stormy day, I toured a good amount and came home crusted and moist, with the need for three pairs of goggles. One of those days: just not cold enough. I skied some easy terrain, multiple short runs. Overall trail breaking was deep and a bit heavy to be honest. Small rimed non-fluffy crystals are falling and packing in for a denser storm. Still fun skiing, but far more creamy that blower. Cream over the shoulders on a few runs, so who cares. I had a very limited range of vision today, therefore was unable to see any significant avalanche activity. However I heard two at around midday from about 2200m. Considering the wind that you could hear above 1900m, and the amount of new storm snow that is a bit dense, I was not surprised when I heard the rumbles. Temperatures at 1600m were only -4C, so warm. The rain crust was 60-80cm deep at that altitude and only just below freezing. Yet 10cm above the crust the snow temp was -2.4C. At 1900m there was not much wind at all, though it arrived this evening at valley bottom along with some periods of intense snowfall. Big, dangerous avalanches on steep slopes continues to be the thing on my mind as I move through the hills.

It was good to see some new and also familiar faces out climbing in the terrain away from the lifts today.