03 Jan - P. fluffy.

Skied below 1600m today and it was great. Face shots, fluffy, much better than yesterday with a looser drier snowfall overnight and during today. No need to go higher into higher avalanche risk, the low tree skiing is great. I didn't ski as much as I would have liked as I was busy looking at buried rain crusts, and also exploring new ways to approach some local terrain. I'm still searching for that perfect honest 400m vertical 30-35 degree treeline that does not involved doing sidecountry laps with resort lifts and ducking boundary ropes - not my interest at all. We have the terrain, but too many resorts ruin it for the non-resort types. Some areas are good candidates, however most end up gullied or convoluted or get really scrubby or face south and are bad choices for sunny days. Always exploring, sometimes scoring.