08 Dec - 60cm at the house

There is currently 60cm of new and old snow at 800m near Tsugaike. It is sticking to the snow depth stick, and hopefully squashing low vegetation and filling in streams. More is coming after which the forecast suggests a warm period starting later in the week.

If anyone has been skiing in the backcountry please post a comment if you saw avalanche activity. This info is useful for others and since I am out of the valley I can't help out for now.


Soon in Hakuba and this is very good new. We have some very good conditions in Europe right now (not everywhere) and enjoyed our first 2 deep powder days. Can't wait to be back in Hakuba. Cu soon Damian and thanks for all the work you do for us!

Hi P, see you soon. You'll beat me to Hakuba this year. Still have a few hard week in Canada left. I really want to go home.

Recommend readers check www.powdermania.com for months of regular Hakuba powder photos and info each season (all their good action images means I can continue to post photos of terrain and skin tracks)