12 Dec - Happo wind

Two mountain birch trees. Some stuff behind. Today we went to Happo, but not because it was going to be good. It was not good, and that was expected. Heavily scoured, chalky wind effect with slabby grabby snow, and some thin softer snow above very hard snow. Exposed early season rain crusts along some ridge crests and onto the upper section of open slopes below. Generally, pretty bad skiing, however typical for windy mountain ridges which have not seen more than 30cm of snow in the last week. For good powder skiing, head down valley and stay lower altitude to avoid previous wind effect, though it will be settling faster with mild temps.

There is a bit of a strange storm coming along Monday evening. It might be warm or southerly, it may not.


Hi Damian, I usually agree but not today. We had great skiing at Happo


Cu on Monday at the Lodge

Great skiing? It surprises me that someone of your standards would describe it like that. But as I said, lower down is ok, though really thin. I saw who I assume was you guys skiing that area. I avoid it as it skis into the mother of terrain traps with multiple slide paths pointing at the exit with an endless stream of punters above. And are you getting paid to comment on the quality of Happo's grooming now??? ;)