13 Jan - dense, warm

It was a very nice day to be out and walking in the hills, though a bit warm. I measured 0 degrees at 1900m, so staying shaded totally on steeper north aspects was a good idea, and possible due to ok stability. The terrain accessed via Goryu has had less wind scouring than Happo, and more relatively smooth old snow. Generally it was cleaner and better skiing than the previous day. We skied around Tengu, it could do with more snow. Any current conditions report is kind of wasted since this evening a wet and warm storm from the SW will arrive, hopefully not as rain. Lucky it gets here in the evening and not during the day time. If anything, I noted yesterday that isolated areas off the Happo ridge were scoured to ice and they may provide a weaker trigger point after the new snow. Much colder typical winter weather coming by next Thursday. For reports on groomer conditions in bounds, don't forget to check www.powdermania.com ;-)