14 Jan - ok powder

A dramatic return to winter and some cold temperatures at 1800m in Hakuba later this week, plus a good amount of snow for backcountry touring. But what about today? It was a little bit gloomy in the trees today and I did not manage to get any photos worth posting. However the skiing was surprisingly ok. Not nearly as moist and heavy as the snow at my house, skiing from 1500m was on 25cm of fun fast fresh snow over a not-so-hard base on NE aspect. There has been very little wind on the snow so it was loose and sluffing very easily. Long fast moving Size 1 Loose snow avalanches were easy to trigger in any place we skied that was 35 degrees or more. If the snow was a little deeper it would be enough to knock you off your feet on a steep slope and into a terrain trap or tree. It is snowing all day and was -3.5C at 1500m at 1130hrs. There is a thin weak sun crust on east and south aspects below the new snow.