22 Jan - heavy "powder"

30-40cm of mostly heavy fresh snow, but it skied ok at times and in places. Snowing all day, warm and moist in the AM, windy at 2200m and then gusty lower down as teh flow swung from S to W. It turned colder into the afternoon and the snow seemed to dry out a little, or we were just having fun and didn't care. The snow which fell during the previous evening was lower density and drier than today's warming snow, so the upside down moister and density character lead to easy loose snow avalanches on all aspects, with a soft sun crust on steep south slopes under the new snow. We avoided anything over 35 degrees and also avoided big long steeper terrain. I believe it rained to about 1300m today. I'd be looking out for dense windslab over lower density snow right now.