24 Jan - powder

We skied not so deep but smooth easy powder all day today along the Happo ridge. South aspect, north aspect, north east. Didn't go above 2100m and the better snow was lower and unaffected by recent winds on Happo. It was good snow, great weather and a fun day of easy touring. Temps at 1750m midmorning were warm, -2.5C. And down in the valley it was apparently baking. I saw a Size 1.5 skier triggered slab from yesterday at 2150m, SE aspect, plus seven skier triggered Size 1.5 loose snow avalanches between 2150m and 1800m today. Quite different stability to what we found at 2600m yesterday further north along the range.


Oh boy! That looks like a dream to me. Big and easy floaters...

Hi Leigh, it was easy fun riding, almost 400m vertical.