24 Oct - first proper snow

I think my street has a lovely view, don't you agree? After light snow that melted quickly it has now snowed properly in Hakuba. Autumn is still in full swing, however winter has sent its advance party as a reminder of what is coming. How slowly summer passes, yet how quickly it seems to be almost winter again. It has been two months since went ski touring, and I am getting past itchy again. Luckily, I am spending the entire early season in Canada, so hopefully I will get a lot of rewarding exploration on my spare days. Sadly, this also means I miss most of my favourite time of year, and wont see my wife or dog for 2 months. So unlike past years, when the Hakuba season kicks off, I wont be hear to see it nor report on it in this blog. Sorry. ideally there would be an Avalanche Operations Level 1 graduate in Hakuba who is enthusiastic enough to manage my weather study plot in December for me. Any takers?


I can give you a weather plot for Tazawako (Akitakomagateke) ; )

Best wishes on the work and study. Waiting on your AST 2 course.

Hi Gint, you should attend the Japan Avalanche Network/CAA Avalanche Operations Level 1 course and start contributing backcountry data fro your zone up there. Other than that, you'll be amongst the first to know if I offer an AST 2.