28 Dec - Kamoshika

What did I see today? Not much really, besides a very fine kamoshika. I wanted to take a look at the thick melt freeze crust below treeline to see how shallow it was - and since it would be shallower - if recent cold weather had produced any faceting. There is definitely a 40cm slab of settling creamy dense old storm snow that is shearing with a dramatic 'pop', however not on the crust, rather 5cm above it in some softer snow. That is probably just a short lived shear and I am still more interested in tracking the crust.

On south aspects between 1000m and 1500m there is a sun and wind crust from the 28th which as of this afternoon is now being buried.

Also, the heavy mid Dec storm snow followed by rain has produced a lot more open glide cracks than you might normally see at this time of year. I almost went in one yesterday, keep your eyes open.

Saturday then Sunday are going to be warm, may rain in the afternoon Sunday, turn to snow, then a few days of progressively colder storm weather.