28 Nov - winter is coming

Anyone paying attention to Hakuba will know that the mountains have been getting regular snow for a month now. I'm not there at the moment and really wish I was. It has been a good early season which will hopefully serve to squash a lot of the vegetation which was not squashed in December last season. Last year was a great season, though it didn't start heavily, leading to scrubby skiing for longer than perhaps normal.

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In preparation for the coming season I am as usual spending hours looking at maps and photographs. This picture is an angle that virtually no one besides adventurous backcountry skiers ever see. Yes, that's part of the Hakuba backcountry. I ski there as often as I can, and hope to do so more this season. However... I have a few spots which are really grabbing my attention further out of the valley. Who knows what conditions will dictate this year. In reality, I don't care, so long as I am exploring and skiing with like minded people.